What are the ways in which managers (don’t) support fake news in our society?

Maybe you have never thought about it in that way. However, organizations in which managers work are powerful and have impact on society. How do managers behave in these organizations? Which decisions have impact on society beyond the frame of organizations’ smooth running?

In our discussion we will focus on the intersection of management, marketing, critical thinking and business ethics. We will demonstrate some examples from real life experience, and we will mention what to pay attention to as a manager. This event is a combination of a lecture and a discussion. Aside from the main topic, you will have a chance to ask about anything from the sphere of fake new and critical thinking.

Jakub Kalenský – an expert on the fight against fake news, worked for three years on project euvsdisinfo.eu within an official EU department for fighting fake new. He talked about risks of disinformation campaigns as an expert in the USA by invention of the US Congress. Currently works as an analytic in the think-tank Atlantic Council.

Kateřina Jiřinová – works in the Department of Management at the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Economics in Prague. There she professionally and pedagogically develops topics in management, critical thinking and business ethics. She is also a co-author and a teacher of the course Critical thinking.

This event is held within the Festival of Democracy 2019, associated Program of the Forum 2000 Conference.

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