Our Department

Our mission within the Department of Management is to prepare our future business leaders with the proper tools and skills to meet the ever-changing challenges of the twenty-first century. To do so, we concentrate on the practical aspects associated with leadership, performance, knowledge, social responsibility, ethics and values. Using various educational methods aligned with praxis, research, and partner-collaboration, our prospectus comprises:

  • General and fundamental management tools, activities, and principles;
  • Managerial models, Change Management, and Innovation Management as vehicles to secure long-term competitiveness;
  • International and Cross-Cultural Management to meet the needs of a globalised business environment;
  • Organisational Management and Culture as sources for performance growth and sustainability;
  • Operational Management and quality-related incentives such as, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Process Management, and TQM;
  • Management Decision-Taking Processes; Knowledge Management; Organisational Economic Behaviours, and Organisational IT Application;
  • Project Management and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Recognised in the Czech Republic as well as internationally, our faculty members are experts in their respective fields, combine managerial practice with theory, and constantly seek, through on-going research, new and upcoming frameworks relative to the management discipline.


Department Head: Dr. Václav Cejthamr

Deputy: Dr. Lucie Vrbová

Executive Administrative Assistant: Jiřina Doležalová, M.Sc.