Postgraduate Study

The Economics and Management programme offered by the Faculty of Business Administration enlarges and extends the graduates’ knowledge in these respective fields as well as other disciplines. Using various models, programme participants research, analyse, and evaluate empirical data to resolve large-scale management problems with the possibility to apply within practical circumstances.


Course leaders utilise modern management techniques that follow contemporary management trends to equip students with the necessary aptitudes, deep understanding, and critical evaluation to cope with the issues relative to management practice in the twenty-first century. In addition, students participate actively in various research projects, conferences and seminars that entail publication opportunities.


Qualified programme graduates find employment in the fields of higher education, research institutes, and senior management positions in government organisations. Completion of the programme comprises the State doctoral examination and dissertation defence. Doctoral candidates are supervised by faculty who hold either full or associate professorships.


The following topics are offered:

doc. Ing. Ludmila Mládková, Ph.D. English Knowledge management ludmila.mladkova[at]
English Management of knowledge workers ludmila.mladkova[at]
Managerial models in organisation ludmila.mladkova[at]
doc. Ing. Jiří Dědina, CSc. English Organizational architecture of Czech and foreign companies jiri.dedina[at]
English Transformation of organizational architecture of enterprises in the EU jiri.dedina[at]
doc. Ing. Mikuláš Pichanič, CSc. English Impact of globalization on business of national companies mikulas.pichanic[at]
English Managerial skills for transnational strategies of multinational companies mikulas.pichanic[at]
prof. Ing. Milan Malý, CSc. English Impact of ownership structure and stakeholders on company performance milan.maly[at]
English Development of firms organisational structure in globalized economy milan.maly[at]
English Analysis of Corporate Governance models of non-profit organisations milan.maly[at]