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The profile of today’s doctoral students in Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) reflects a diverse cross section of society – various life stages and professional experiences are represented. If you possess a desire to learn, a curiosity to ask and pursue questions using rigorous research methods, the motivation and drive to work independently as a scholar and maybe think about a career as a professor in business academia, starting with our doctoral program may be good option for you. Please, see more information about Ph.D. program at FBA.


The following topics of Ph.D. theses are offered at our department:

Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Managment
Contact person Language Topics for doctoral theses Contact
doc. Ing. Petr Houdek, Ph.D. English Choice Architecture in Organizations: Tools for improving decision making and information processing by employees and managers petr.houdek[at]
English Business Ethics: Field and Laboratory Research of Cheating and Deception petr.houdek[at]
English Why organizations fail? Studies focused on decision-making errors and biases and/or defective organizational designs petr.houdek[at]
doc. Ing. Mikuláš Pichanič, CSc. English The specifics of managerial philosophy of global corporations depending on the form of global presence mikulas.pichanic[at]
English Global companies business and its impact on inequality in the post communist in transitions countries mikulas.pichanic[at]
English Designing new intercultural management models mikulas.pichanic[at]
English Specifics of entry strategies of the Czech companies on the markets of non EU countries (China, India) mikulas.pichanic[at]
doc. Ing. Oto Potluka, Ph.D. English TBA oto.potluka[at]
English TBA oto.potluka[at]
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