3PR Project management

The specialization is intended for students of all study fields at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

The aim of the minor specialization is to provide a comprehensive program of knowledge, skills development for project management and training for positions in Project Management.

The 3PR Project Management minor specialization reflects the situation in practice when more and more organizations are introducing project management or completely moving to a project organization. They respond to the dynamism of the environment and the need to ensure and maintain their competitiveness. Project management as a professional discipline represents a set of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that the minor specialization will focus on.

The aim of the 3PR Project Management minor specialization is to provide students with the required knowledge in practice, equip them with methods, techniques and tools and develop their skills that are needed to manage projects in practice, thereby contributing to their success in the labor market.

Students will solve examples, case studies, virtual and real projects in which they will participate in the form of project practice in selected organizations. During the lessons they will have the opportunity to work and discuss with project managers and other practitioners and will be in close contact with representatives and members of project management associations operating in the Czech Republic.

We extensively cooperate with the general sponsor of Prague University of Economics and Business: Česká spořitelna a.s. on real project assignments.

A very valuable part of the minor specialization is the project internship – students work on real project in a company even during their study, which afterwards helps to start their professional career.

By completing this minor specialization students find jobs in small enterprises, large companies and international corporations within the business sector; in state and local government and other public services in the non-profit sector; in research, sport, culture; at different job positions e.g. as a member of the project team, the head of the project group, the project manager, a member of the Project Management Office.

Specialization supervisor: prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, CSc.


Graduate Profile

After completing the minor specialization students will be able to:

– orientate in the professional environment of project management,

– apply the technical and behavioral competences of project management,

– manage participation in projects in an international environment,

– have practical experience working in the project team; and its management.

Students gain practical experience during their mandatory project internship as well as all other courses.


The structure of the compulsory subjects of the specialization

Code Subject Supervisor Hours ECTS  Sem.
3MA526 Introduction to Project Management Ing.  Jiří Hájek, Ph.D. 2/2 6 1
3PS532  Project manager’s competencies Ing. Hana Lorencová, Ph.D. Block 6 1-3
3MA527 Advanced Project Management Processes Ing. Jiří Hájek, Ph.D. 2/2 6 2-3
3MA528 Project Internship Ing. Jiří Hájek, Ph.D. 4/0 6 3-4
3MA529 Application of Agile Project Management Ing. Jiří Hájek, Ph.D. 2/2 6 3-4


State exam for the specialization

The study of the specialization finishes with a state exam of the following compulsory subjects. Students have the opportunity to develop their diploma thesis from the topics of the specialization.

Code Subject
3MA526 Introduction to Project Management
3MA527 Advanced Project Management Processes
3MA528 Project Internship
3MA529 Application of Agile Project Management
3PS532 Project manager’s competencies


Get involved with 3PR students

On the framework of the minor “3PR Project management”, we offer organizations the opportunity to offer internships to our students. The course Project Internship enables the student to apply his / her knowledge gained by studying the subjects of minor specialization Project Management, to involve him / her in project management in practice of a particular organization (80 hours). We search for organizations that run projects, preferably have multiple projects going on and/or have established project management office, have their own or use some established project management methodology, use agile or predictive project management approach.

For more information please contact: jiri.hajek [at] vse.cz