The list of courses offered by the Department of Management can be displayed in the Study information system (InSIS). They cover a wide range of management topics.

If you are interested in any topic for bachelor or diploma thesis from the Department of Management, please contact the thesis supervisor.

Courses in English:

Ident Subject Lecturer Bc./MSc.
3BE116 Management Mládková Bc.
3BE216 Operations Management Martínez Bc.
3BE324 Business Ethics Kučera Bc.
3MA621 Project Management Brunet-Thornton MSc.
3MA624 Knowledge Management Brunet-Thornton MSc.
3MA638 International business communication Brunet-Thornton MSc.
3MA640 Business Ethics Kučera MSc.
3MA643 Globalization and its economic and social aspects Pichanič Bc.
3MA645 International Management Pichanič MSc.
3MA646 Cross-Cultural Impacts to Project Management Brunet-Thornton MSc.
3MA661 Management of Knowledge Workers Mládková MSc.
3MA666 Organizational Design Martínez Bc.+MSc.
3MA671 International Management in Global Culture Pichanič MSc.
3MA674 International Management Pichanič MSc.
3MA682 Basics of Project Management Brunet-Thornton Bc.
3MA683 Introduction to International Business Communications Brunet-Thornton Bc.
3MA685 Lean Six Sigma Martínez Bc.
3MA712 Management 2 Mládková MSc.
3MA714 Managerial Decision-Making and Problem Solving Vrbová MSc.