Faculty of Business Administration offers bachelor degree in the following fields:

Business Economics and Management (PE) – in Czech language

Arts management (AM) – in Czech language

Business Administration (BBA) – in English language

Экономика предприятия и менеджмент (EPM) – in Russian language


Faculty of Business Administration offers master studies in the following fields:

Management (MG) – in Czech language

Arts management (AM) – in Czech language

International Management (IG) – in English language

Management (MIMG) – in English language


Department of Management is involved in most of the above programmes.


The list of courses offered by the Department of Management can be displayed in the Study information system (InSIS). They cover a wide range of management topics.

If you are interested in any topic for bachelor or diploma thesis from the Department of Management, please contact the thesis supervisor.

Courses in English

3MA683 Introduction to International Business Communications Brunet-Thornton
3MA682 Basics of Project Management Brunet-Thornton
3MA671 International Management in Global Culture Pichanič
3MA669 Organisation Life Cycle Impact on Company’s Management Malý
3MA666 Organizational Design Martínez
3MA664 Corporate Governance Malý
3MA661 Management of Knowledge Workers Mládková
3MA646 Cross-Cultural Impacts to Project Management Brunet-Thornton
3MA645 International Management Pichanič
3MA640 Business Ethics Kučera
3MA638 International business communication Brunet-Thornton
3MA624 Knowledge Management Brunet-Thornton
3MA621 Project Management Brunet-Thornton