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Certification and intensify IT knowledge of students and teachers from VŠE

Title: Certification and intensify IT knowledge of students and teachers from VŠE

Number: Project CZ.2.17/3.1.00/30233

Programme: Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability, Priority 3: Upgrading initial education

Implementer: Faculty of business Administration VŠE in Prague, Department of Management

Project focus: Further training of teachers and academics; and development and improvement of degree programs at universities and higher educational institutions

Description: The aim of the project is to intensify the knowledge in the field of IT for students from non informatics fields at VŠE in Prague, at the level required in the labour market.

The target group is students at VŠE, who got the updated Applied Informatics courses, new advanced courses and support for the self-selected topics. Benefits will also been received by all courses in foreign language (English), so the students will also improve their knowledge professional language.

Secondary target group is doctoral students and lecturers of managerial informatics courses at VŠE. Thanks to the courses, teaching skills will improve their quality of teaching through professional courses and their expertise. This will extend the number of teachers and thereby increase capacity to satisfy demand for long-term courses of this type by the students.

An important motivating factor is the possibility of obtaining international certification from Microsoft, which clearly communicates the skills of graduates to their future employers and will encourage students to successfully complete the challenging courses.

Beginning of the implementation: 1. 1. 2009
End of the implementation: 30. 6. 2011

This Project is funded by the European Social Fund
and budget of the Prague City on the frame of the operational program Praha Adaptabilita.
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